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Weeks 3&4 Lockdown Home Learning Resources

Thank you to everyone's hard work this week with their home learning. Oakham staff have received lots of great examples sent in from children across  the whole school. As we always say; 'Keep it up!' 


The next packs to support Home Learning (Nursery, Reception and Years 1-6) are available to collect from 9am Monday 18th January. Please note that work packs can be collected without preordering. 


The packs are created to support the Oak Academy Learning Virtual Lessons - all links are on the school website. Please use each Virtual Lesson before completing the daily learning tasks. 


Please start the Home learning Pack 2 on Monday as this will mirror the sessions in school, especially important for the families attending school on a part-time basis. 


Don't forget that our virtual teachers are available during school hours to answer queries and offer guidance and feedback on emailed work. They will also continue to contact families for a catch up and provide an opportunity to discuss any issues. Full details are available HERE