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Our school tuck-shop, 'The Snack Shack',  is open for business 10.00-10.15am Years 3&4  and 10.30-10.45am for Years 5&6. 


 A range of healthy snacks and drinks are available to purchase at very competitive prices. All items met current standards for school food in England and offer children  hot toast, chilled water or milk, 100% fruit juices and various smoothies.


The tuck shop is manned by our busy pupil volunteers who serve the customers and restock supplies. All of our Snack Shack helpers pride themselves on good manners, safe food hygiene and great customer service!


The majority of the profits generated by The Snack Shack go into school fund which enables us to purchase equipment for break and lunch times.


We will also be using be using a percentage of our profits to sponsor a trainee Guide Dog for the Blind  - more details below. 


Please checkout our current price list for more information on Snack Shack products.



Snack Shack Price List

Meet Margo - Our Guide Dog Puppy


We're very proud to introduce you to Margo who is busy learning how to become a guide dog.


CLICK HERE to watch her first video Pup-date


We help sponsor her training through a small proportion of the school tuck-shop profits.



Margo is very happy living with her trainer, Richard and enjoys meeting up with her brother, Barnabee, who lives nearby.


She enjoys walks in the sunshine, meeting new people and receiving lots of fuss!


So far, Margo has learnt to 'sit', and other key skills that she will need to be an amazing guide dog in the future..she sounds very much like an amazing Oakham Learner!!



Margo - Pupdate 2

Margo Pupdate 3 - Off to Training School!