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Welcome to our Maths page!


At Oakham, we follow the White Rose Mathematics Strategy which is derived from the current National Curriculum.



Calculations are taught according to our own calculation policy (see further below).  We have a concrete, pictorial and abstract approach to Mathematics, which allows pupils to manipulate, number physically, moving on to drawing pictures and diagrams to represent their calculations before working in the abstract of number.

This is a fluid approach allowing pupils to move back and forth, as their needs require, to help them grasp the fundamental conceptual understanding of Mathematics.


We have a strong emphasis on problem solving and reasoning at Oakham with children focussing on the core calculations in their arithmetic sessions allowing them to explore maths deeply in their main Mathematics lesson.


Our pupils are challenged to prove or disprove key theoretical ideas in maths to allow them to fully engage with what they are learning. They are also expected to articulate their thoughts around core methods to demonstrate their understanding.


As a result of this approach, we believe Maths at Oakham is full of energy, fun, exploration and engagement.


Below we have our whole school Maths Policy and Curriculum.

You can also find a copy of our calculating policy and lots of examples of how these calculations are carried out by children at Oakham. 

Maths Policy and Curriculum Overview

How can I help my child master the basics? 

For many parents and carers, the approach to Maths has changed since they were learners in a primary classroom. 


White Rose learning have provided a free series of short videos and resources to help explain the starting points to Place Value, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions and Algebra. 


They are hosted by the TV presenter,  Michael Underwood and available by using this link: MATHS WITH MICHAEL 



Each unit also has a downloadable parent & carer guide with printable resources and tips on how to use everyday household items to support the sessions. 

Home Learning

Home learning opportunities further develop skills and understanding of mathematics through additional activities.


The school has invested in ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Times Tables RockStars’ websites which are accessible learning platforms that can be used to set differentiated homework for pupils.



Every child is allocated their own personal username and password to access these resources; teaching staff will monitor and assign tasks linked to current and previous learning.