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On the Radar - Working in Partnership with Families

We created the 'On the Radar' programme to help support children and families to achieve their potential as Oakham Learners. Oakham staff regularly review the attainment, progress and attitude towards learning of all children in their class and cohort.


'On the Radar' is designed to make children and their parents/carers aware of what they can do to further improve and agree clear targets that will help them continue to achieve. 

Why has my child been selected for this years 'On the Radar?

As part of the end of year transition process, last years and this year teaching team reflect on individuals progress and identify children who have the potential to further close the gaps in their learning or further accelerate their achievement. This project is designed for children of ALL abilities. 


Does this mean my child is not on track with their year group learning? 

Some children have subject areas where they may have missed chunks of learning, struggled with key concepts or knowledge or lack confidence to fully engage or share ideas.


What happens during the 'On the Radar' meeting?

Meetings are planned to create shared, manageable targets that are reviewed at key points during the school year. Parents and Carers will share their views and aspirations for the child alongside the child's voice. 


SMART Targets are set around Reading, Writing and Maths. An additional target may be set around Attendance or Social Emotional or Mental Health issues if necessary - every meeting is bespoke to the child and their family. 



How often do we meet?

They are three planned, termly meetings (structured conversations) where targets are set, reviewed and successes celebrated. These meetings replace the usual Parent/Carer Evening appointments and last up to 30 minutes to allow appropriate time for discussion. 


Your child will share their books with you and talk about their learning and how they are getting on with their personal targets. This is done in a positive atmosphere and is designed to celebrate the steps towards success! 


What if I have received an OTR letter and I have more questions?

In the first instance, speak to your child's class teacher or for further information  about our OTR programme, speak to Miss Stretton (D.Headeacher). 


OTR 2022/23 - Parent and Carer Feedback 


Survey Q2: The initial structured conversation meeting with my child’s class teacher explained why they had been chosen as part of the programme..

(50% Strongly Agreed & 50% Agreed)


Survey Q5: I would recommend another family to be part of the programme if the school identified that they would benefit from the support.

(43% Strongly Agreed & 57% Agreed)


'My son was put on the radar. He does struggle with work but this gave him the opportunity to achieve more in his work which he successfully did. He enjoyed doing the work at home which was given by the teacher. Recommended to anyone. So much support was given and also praise.'


'Every time one of my children have been placed on the radar I have found it to be really helpful and it has contributed to their improvement in that area.'


'These meetings made me aware about how my child was making progress in the key areas. I was provided with printed material as well that helped me to understand how I need to help him at home. These meetings even built confidence in my child. Thanks for this wonderful support.'