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Oakham Learners

Here at Oakham Primary School, we strive to nurture and inspire learners who not only show excellence, resilience and confidence in their learning, but who will also go on to make a positive impact within the world around them.

Basing our learning philosophy around our Oakham Learner Qualities, we aim to do this by creating a learning environment that develops children who:


  • Feel empowered to show investment in all aspects of school life, with an intrinsic motivation to engage positively with lessons as well as wider school contributions.
  • Have a sense of wonder and mystery allowing them to explore different ideas, paths and outcomes. Harnessing their natural curiosity, they have the courage to ask questions and the desire to want to know more about the world around them.
  • Seek out and celebrate links and patterns in previous learning experiences as a means to build future understanding and meaning.
  • Cherish the power of collaboration, understanding that no one person knows all the answers and that, if they support and challenge one another, we can achieve so much together.
  • Demonstrate a variety of communication skills, using empathy to enrich their discussion with their peers and their ability to listen and hear the views of others.
  • Unleash their imagination to open up creative and innovative possibilities to challenges they will face inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Plan and manage their time, resources and learning journey effectively, using a variety of approaches to ensure their organisation sets them up to triumph.
  • Display the ability to learn from their mistakes, using reflection to build on prior experiences to motivate success in new situations.



Staff encourage children to identify which learning qualities could be used to complete learning tasks, solve problems or physical challenges.



These are the 8 Oakham Learner Qualities and their key features in more detail. Our children will learn, apply and reflect on these frequently during their time at Oakham and transfer these skills to their later learning too.


Regular opportunities are also given to our learners to consider how well their learning has gone and reflect on which qualities were used to enable them to be  successful.




 Making mistakes is all part of learning - we support our learners to become resilient and consider alternative choices that could have made their learning more accurate or effective.


We promote an attitude of turning a negative into a positive and aspire to develop enthusiastic and confident learners with a 'Can Do' attitude!

Children also have termly Oakham Learner phase days where they spend time 'learning about learning' and applying our 8 key qualities in a variety of scenarios and subject areas.


Our Oakham Learners approach is fully inclusive and differentiated to meet the needs for all of our children.


All learning activities and experiences are linked to our Oakham Learner Qualities and children are supported in using these to develop and apply skills and knowledge across a bespoke curriculum.