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Spelling at Oakham 

Our Ethos


We strive to make the teaching of spelling both enjoyable and purposeful. It is our hope that no child will leave school with gaps in their spelling knowledge but instead embark on the next steps along their educational journey full of confidence and ambition. Our aims include:


  • embedding knowledge
  • developing personal spelling strengths
  • stimulating curiosity about word discovery
  • promoting responsible application during independent learning
  • testing playing a reduced role
  • developing vocabulary
  • removing fear

Learning to Spell (Strategies to try!)

KS1 Spelling Practice at Home - Top Tips & Ideas

Reading & Phonics at Oakham
Our approach to reading aims to engage the children through using quality texts, understanding characters and the development of plots. Find out how you can help your child develop more as a reader, when reading with your child at home, by taking a look at our 5 Ps flyer below...

Learning about Phonics!