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Trip and Residential Refunds Update

We have had a few queries regarding deposits and part-payments for trips and residentials arranged during this academic year. 

I would like to reassure all of our families that all monies will be refunded in full and the school will absorb any additional costs caused by the disruption caused by the Covis-19 lockdown.


Our school office is now fully staffed and they are currently working through the backlog to ensure that all refunds are completed by the end of this term. 


You will be contacted over the next few weeks in regard to the establishment of an account with 'Parent Pay' an online system that will be used for the majority of purchases or bookings in the new school year as we move to a cashless school office.


Full details will be shared with all families before the summer break but the system is established in many other schools and works in a similar system to booking school meals.


To sort 2019-20 refunds, we propose the following actions:

All year Six pupils who do not have any siblings in school will receive a cheque as reimbursement. This is currently being actioned by Mrs Hunter. 


Any Year Six child with siblings at Oakham or pupils in all other year groups will have ALL of their credit transferred in to their new family Parent Pay account ready for September, which will be available to be used for trips, residentials, school meals and Squirrels Club. 


Please note, we are unable to issue cash refunds to families as  all money was banked at the start of lockdown and we are unable to offer BACS transfers to private accounts. 


Full details regarding Parent Pay and the move from Dolce to SIPS for school meals will be shared with you in the next few weeks. 


Any further questions or advice will be dealt with via  


Thank you for your understanding and please be assured that the school admin team are working to finalise arrangements as soon as possible.