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Thursday 26th May - Royal Platinum Jubilee Day at Oakham Primary

We will be celebrating the Royal Jubilee on Thursday 26th May. All children are being asked to wear RED,WHITE & BLUE clothing for the day instead of school uniform. Children can also come to school with painted faces or coloured hair. 


All of the children will be eating their lunch in the specially decorated school hall and dining room. If we are lucky with the weather, children also have the option of eating outdoors if they so wish. (Nursery children have other arrangements, as detailed in their own letter).


A special Royal Jubilee lunch is available through our catering partner, SIPS, which should be booked via your ParentPay accounts. Children also have the option of bringing in a packed lunch as usual. 


During the afternoon session, children will be participating in some fun, Royal Jubilee themed activities - please look out for updates via our school Twitter account. 


Over the next week, we will also be distributing the complimentary Royal Jubilee books from the DfE to every child in school. 


We look forward to a memorable and fun end to this half-term; marking an historic event in British History!