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The Grand Theatre performance at Oakham Primary School today for Year 2 and 3

It was our pleasure this afternoon to welcome The Grand Theatre into school to perform 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' Special thanks once again to GM2LF who funded the visit for us and to Helen for organising the event.


Whilst maintaining strict Covid 19 measures, children in Years 2 and 3 were able to enjoy a socially distanced panto with all the usual 'Boos' and 'He's behind you!'


The children thoroughly enjoyed the show, here are some of their comments:-

Kirit - " That was amazing, the best one I have ever seen"

Edie - "I loved it when the cow kept milking chocolate"

Oliver - "It was so funny when the giant fell down, I couldn't stop laughing"

Reece - "Best afternoon ever! I liked it when the cow kept going mooooo"

Noah - "I enjoyed it because it was really funny when they milked the cow and it gave them chocolate."  

Akal - "It was really funny. I liked Daisy and I wish I could watch it at home with everyone in my family."  

Mia - "I liked everything about it. It made me laugh and I wanted to watch it again." 

Amelia - "I loved everything!"