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Summer Uniform Preloved Shop has been restocked

Our 'preloved' school uniform shop has been restocked to include a range of Summer clothes:-

  • Summer dresses
  • Summer 'shorts' dresses
  • Grey shorts


It is located in the foyer area, outside the main office and there are also tracksuits, cardigans, sweatshirts, plimsols and wellies. All items have been kindly donated to school and have been washed and pressed.


By using this facility you will be not only saving money for yourselves but also saving the environment with the reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy.


If you would like to take something from the rail, you can put a small donation in the box but there is no expectation for that and if you are looking for something and the size you need isn't there please speak to Miss Stretton because we have more stock in school.