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School Security Arrangements

We have received reports from parents around a couple of incidents, in the past week, involving primary schools in the Brierley Hill area (Dudley LA). 


Firstly, I would like to reassure all of our families that we do review our security procedures regularly and the safe handover of children is a key priority.


The school leadership team have met today to discuss these again and have asked all staff to be extra vigilant at the start and end of the school day.  


Children in Nursery and Reception classes are directly handed over to adults from classrooms. Children in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two are taken onto their playgrounds and again only dismissed when a known adult is present.


Some older children in Year Five and Six have been given written permission to walk home without an adult and have all been reminded today in assemblies about our ‘Clever Never Goes’ safety guidance. They should always return promptly home or to school, if nearer, in case of a concern.


The majority of school staff are present on the school grounds at the end of the school day with at least one adult per class and  always more with the younger children.


Members of the school leadership team are also on duty at the front and back areas of school and are connected via radios.


Should you ever witness any suspicious behaviour in or around our school premises then please report this to the nearest member of Oakham Staff or call the school office on 01384 254368.  


We appreciate that these occasional incidents do cause concern but please be assured that safeguarding your children is our top priority too.