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Safeguarding Policy for Children

As part of our ongoing safeguarding provision at Oakham, we have created a short but informative policy that outlines our key messages for children.


These have been circulated in-school and will be introduced to classes by the teaching staff and in assemblies. Paper copies will also be available in every classroom and school libraries.


Older children will be able to read these independently, whereas younger children will be reminded of the core messages and advice. You may wish to read through some of the sections with your own children or direct then to the PDF copy on the school website.


All of the information contained in this policy is built into the school's current safeguarding education programme, which is delivered through phase assemblies, PSHE lessons and Focus/Safety Weeks.


Further information about Oakham's safeguarding approach can be found on the school website: School Information > Safeguarding & Operation Encompass.