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Plas Gwynant - Year 6 - Day 4

And just like that, it's over - well, nearly.


The last full day has been a spectacular one, concluding with laughs, jokes and tremendously tired teachers. No more so than Mr Heywood, with his rather animated dance moves. The children weren't impressed...


After a fantastic four days, a disco night was richly deserved. Powered by Fanta, Skittles and good times, the kids let off some steam and spent their last ounce of energy on the dance floor. With requests of some unknown artists like Drake and Dua Lipa (we have no idea, either 🫤) we finished the night with Sweet Caroline, echoing the nearby valleys and beyond. What a way to end.


With a morning and a journey to go, your children have been unbelievable. They have collaborated, making new friends across different classes; they have, when needed, dug in, even when the fear of the unknown has tried desperately to drag them back; and, finally, they've made memories that will last them a lifetime.


Year 6 2024, we are so proud.


Now, to finish, let us share with you a selection of diary entries that capture just what it's like to be here at Plas:


Logan W: Today we got woke up by 'Highway to Hell' by ACDC by Mr K and Mr H. We went rock climbing and canoeing and that was, well, brilliant. Best moment: 'The Views'.


Isla S: I really don't want to go home! Today was amazing. my team went straight to the beach and the best three people had to sit on a massive rock and we had to pull them down! We played in the sand and we explored a tiny village. This was my favourite day :) 


Leila: Walks. Mountain. Far. This was many miles and the views were breathtaking, immaculate, strong and wonderful. That's how I would explain my 10/10 day. Laughs contagious and smiles were spread. I loved it. 


Thomas A: Today I went to the beach! We made sand angels and went climbing up a big rock and went gorge walking. I had to dunk my head in the waterfall. We also went stargazing and it was amazing. We also learned the story of Beddgelert - it was about a dog and very sad.