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Plas Gwynant - Year 6 - Day 3

Instead of looking back at how today started, let's take a moment to reflect on how it ended. 👀 


Plas Gwynant is a magical place, where sights are explored and memories are made for a lifetime, and tonight was one of those nights. Picking the perfect evening for a night walk, we scrambled our way up to the perfect spot to gaze at the stars, with the children turning their torches off and viewing the stunning sights above. Lying down on the floor for two whole minutes - every child and adult - you could hear a pin drop. Utter silence. 


And how was it, Year 6? Unbelievable. Breathtaking. Beautiful.


But, Juno nailed it with a single thought: it simply made me happy. Too right!


Walking back down to the centre with some pace (not just to check the West Brom score...), another opportunity to showcase our new-found resilience presented itself: a dark tunnel. Now, we were *hopeful* we'd get three quarters of the class giving it a go. But, no... every single child, including a few shaky staff members, made it to the other side. Despite a few tears, that's resilience! Before bed tonight, myself and the staff shared our pride at that, with it being unlikely that we'll see everybody on a residential do that again. Great stuff!


Going back to today, the wonderful weather gave a platform for another amazing day.


One group dived into a mountain walk, climbing a part of the famous Watkin Path up Mount Snowdon. Skimming stones, scrambling up ridges and even making a final toast of the day with natural spring water straight from the stream, today was a good, good day. As Leila and Sharon say: #mountainvibes.


Another spent time on Matrix Rock, a landmark of the Borth-y-Gest, where the children were running and meeting, Matrix-style, with a high-five. It was an interesting effort from Kristen and Imogen for sure!


And the group who became expert canoers, enjoyed taking part in fun, games and challenges. Alfie ended up doing his best Tom Daley impression, backward rolling into the water - and loving it. 


However, not to be outdone, we had a special visitor today with our very own Mr Skett making the journey up to see how we've all been getting on. Whilst canoeing, being egged on by 10 already-wet Year 6s, Mr Skett took the plunge and dunked his face full in the water. Great effort, sir!


So, tomorrow is our last full day and boy, are we going to make the best of it.


Nos da 👋