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Plas Gwynant - Year 6 - Day 2

Wow - What. A. Day.


Days at Plas Gwynant are just built different. After loading up on carbohydrates and making our sandwiches (no jam and cucumber sandwiches this year - phew) we were ready to go.


Today started with our newly appointed meteorologists, Logan and Xen, informing us that today was going to be DRY. Hmmmmm. Now this, of course, was in good faith but, in typical North Wales style, some scattered showers arrived throughout the day. Better luck tomorrow, you pair! 


Meeting in the classroom, our instructors shared today's plans with us. One group hit the beach, exploring the beautiful coast of Borth Y Gest. Check out some of their art below - Vincent Van Gough, eat your heart out! Great efforts from Sharon, Mariela, Lara and Will.


Another group climbed Afon Goch, getting a just a 'little' bit wet. Lacey led the troops up to the top, with Mrs Barnett (who, sadly, stayed suspiciously dry for Mr Kettle's liking ) cheering her on; and with nature's own water slide ready to go back down, Isla was quick to volunteer to steer the team back down.


Back on site, with showers being the order of the afternoon, the children devoured their tea of pasta and meatballs, with chocolate brownie and ice cream: a tea of true Plas Gwynant explorers. And, even better, no waste - boom!


For the evening activity, a scavenger hunt with a natural twist and much to Mr Kettle's joy, the yellow team smashed it. We would like to say the celebrations were kept to a minimum, but the competitive juices get going, here.


To finish, before a time for quiet reflection through diaries, hot chocolate and cookies, the shop was opened. I'm sure parents are looking forward to being introduced to a new member of their family: the Plas Gwynant bear. Names to be confirmed. Big shout out to Alfie and Nathan, too, for keeping order at the shop counter!


Parents and carers: your children have been wonderful today, with self-determination, encouragement for others and, most importantly, smiles all round. This is why we do it and the best part of this week: it's only Tuesday evening.


Now, it's time to think of the most creative way to get 52 children out of bed at 7:15 tomorrow morning. Any ideas...?