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Plas Gwynant Update: Day 4 (More from the kids!)

Well, our final full day at Plas Gwynant and boy, was it an eventful one! The children have now finished their disco - unfortunately for them Mr Kettle was on the decks - and had chance to overload on sugar, throw some shapes and discuss some of the memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.


To finish our Plas Gwynant updates, here are some more extracts from some of our fantastic children's diaries. Enjoy...


Liberty: Today was amazing; we went canoeing and abseiling (AWESOME!). When canoeing some of us were offered to go for a swim but it was rather cold! Then we finished the day with a Christmas diner (with crackers) and a disco. Five stars!


Lincoln: Today was phenomenal! We went to the beach and played in the deep sand! We also travelled through rockpools and discovered amazing creatures like: small crabs, muscles, sea-snails and clams! We then climbed some waterfalls (called gorge walking) - it was very hard and only a few could do it. 


Shannon: Today I went abseiling and canoeing and all was great except for when I was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzing cold! However, while we were abseiling we were attached to a rope and if we fell another person from our tam would be at the bottom to the rope ready to pull if we fell. Tonight, we are all getting ready for the disco and I hope we will all have a great time!


On a personal note, all Oakham staff have been extremely proud of how the boys and girls have adapted to the conditions, demonstrated fantastic teamwork skills and threw themselves into every challenge - it has been a fantastic week.