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Plas Gwynant Update: Day 3

Today has been absolutely fantastic, not only for the children, but for the staff too. Throughout the day and during various activities, each and every group has seen children - some which have taken us by surprise - step up and face every challenge head on. So, instead of writing a paragraph about what they did and how they did it, we thought that the day would be best told through their own words...


Ebony: This morning we had breakfast and we went out into our mini van to explore a mountain. We then walked through the steepest of mountains to get to an old mine; through the mine I got really upset because I was scared, but I made it through and was proud of myself!


Andy: We went abseiling - it was really fun! The best part was when we did an upside down star. When we did canoeing though, I made Mr Barnett's life harder (yay!).


Cayden: Today was easily the best of all; we went to the mines and had so much fun (and maybe a little bit more hot chocolate than we should have...). Free time was great too as I was playing ping pong with Lincoln.


Grace: Today was an amazing experience because in the morning we went abseiling - it was sooo scary at first, but I gave it a go. We had to hang upside down with our friends holding the rope at the bottom and it was all about trusting one and other. Also, at the end of canoeing, I jumped in the lake - it was epic!


More of the same tomorrow, eh guys?