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Plas Gwynant Update: Day 2

They say no day at Plas Gwyant is the same and today has certainly proved that! In order to prepare us for the big day ahead, our first breakfast involved filling our faces on carbohydrates: cereal, toast and beans sorting everyone out. We then had our very own weatherman, Callum, to announce the day of weather we had in store... and in true Plas style, wet and windy was the theme for the day. 


No matter - the children got suited and booted in their thermals and waterproofs and launched themselves into the day's activities. Mr Kettle's group felt like they were extras from a Hobbit movie and took the short trip over to the Wrysgan mines to explore and learn about a landscape of curiosity, history, but also beauty. Miss Abraham's group, full of optimism, delved into the local beach with the others using their first full day to learn all about the legend of Gelert's grave (no spoilers here at Plas - we'll let the kids tell you about that when they're home!)


Drenched yet still upbeat, the groups returned back to base to be greeted with hot showers and warm cookies. Refreshed and full of conversation about the day's activities and challenges, they then settled down to a British classic - sausage and mash, followed by warm sponge and custard.


To finish the night, the children have unleashed their competitive edge by teaming up into small groups and competing in an indoor orienteering competition. We're still awaiting the winner as we await our diaries and hot chocolate to wind down the final moments of Day 2.