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Plas Gwynant Update: Day 1

Wow - what a whirlwind of a start to life at Plas Gywnant! After the long journey - with some simply stunning sights and landscapes along the way - the children were extremely eager to get off the coach and get stuck into their lunches (as expected). We were then introduced to our instructors for the week who took us on a tour of the grounds and then finally allowed the children time to become acquainted with what is in their suitcases and pack it away - hopefully neatly! 


With no time to waste, we charged outside into the grounds and did a few rolls down some Welsh mounds, just to test out if those famous red Plas Gwynant waterproofs were working! We can all be thankful they were. If that wasn't enough, the menu for tea time was revealed to be a choice between fish fingers or pizza with chips - a real toughie.


However, the 'star' event - literally - was saved for the end of the night, where we were all taken out to experience the silence of a night walk and to gaze at the clear, night sky, featuring an almost full moon. They were that quiet we could have left a few of them there all night, but we thought it was best not to...


Hot chocolate, bourbons and a decent night's kip is, now, very much needed (and that's just Miss Abraham).


Plas Gwynant Day 1: complete.


Bring on tomorrow!