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Keeping children safe

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 have added a new link from LGfL: DigiSafe, which highlights some new dangers for Primary aged children.


The National Crime Agency and CEOP have repeatedly warned that sexual predators target young children online in order to trick them into getting changed or undressed on camera by playing a ‘game’ or issuing a ‘challenge’ to see how fast they can get changed into different clothes or into a swimming costume.


It could happen over video chat or a live-streaming app.
Children are often unaware that this has happened with video being recorded and distributed across the Internet.

🎶 The song titled “The Undressed Song” and resources are aimed at younger primary school children. Linked below you can find the lyric sheet, a colouring page, a poster, a powerpoint & lesson to deliver.


We will be using these resources in school to start the discussion with younger children and reinforce the dangers of getting undressed online but we feel this would also be a helpful resource to share with parents and families and to have the conversations with your children about how they access the internet and to speak to a trusted adult if there is anything that worries them but also for parents to regularly check children's mobile devices to ensure that the apps that they are using are suitable for their age and stage.


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