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Keeping Children Safe from Radicalisation Online - Advice for Parents & Carers

We would like to highlight a  guidance document from 'Let’s Talk About It' (LTAI) with public advice for staying safe online and in supporting Parents and Carers with information about the risks of Online Radicalisation during COVID-19.


The closure of schools means that opportunities for children to talk to and play with friends will be limited to online interaction. This will almost certainly lead to children spending more time online. Parents working from home may not be able to monitor their children’s use of devices as they usually would.


Unfortunately, whilst rare, there are negative influencers and online groomers who use the internet, social media and online gaming to spread their extreme ideas, which children can be exposed to.


Some of these ideas may be considered radical or extreme and when a person starts to support or be involved in them, this is called radicalisation.


Click here for the Parents & Carers Guidance


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