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3. Plas Gwynant - It's Snow Joke!

They say the best things in life are freeze...


We came, we thaw, we conquered...


Okay, that's enough of the weather-related puns! But, on a serious note, waking up to a white blanket covering the grounds of Plas Gwynant was yet another magical moment.


After consulting with our course leaders, we adapted our pre-arranged plans to take advantage of the heaven's opening with the 'good stuff' - nothing stops us here! A walk to the famous Elephant Rock, punctuated by snowball wars, was the perfect setting to a marvellous morning. Another group decided that enough was enough and it was time to warm up with a song of ice and fire: a campfire in the snow. There's a first for everything here, even for Mrs Barnett in her ninth (!) year of Plas adventuring.


After warming those fingers and toes (brrrrrrrrrr), tonight's activity, due to outstanding resilience, attitude and general 'Oakhamness', was replaced with a disco. Dressed in their glad rags, the children displayed their strictly skills on the dance floor, with Mr Heywood losing miserably to not one, but two 11-year olds - better luck next time, sir. And, to finish, a bit of Neil Diamond - so good, so good!


With the Thursday dust settled, the children are looking forward to making their final memories tomorrow morning, and to finally being reunited with you guys, full of stories, carbs and handfuls of dirty clothes.


Prepare yourself, parents/carers - we're not too far!