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2. Plas Gwynant - Tonight's Diaries

Noswaith dda! That's good evening in Welsh, I hope...


What a day! To say those Plas Gwynant weather gods turned on us would be an understatement - cold temperatures, high winds and even a little bit of the white, fluffy stuff. Nevertheless, in true Oakham spirit, our kids have dug in and had an absolutely awesome day - to be honest, we expected nothing different!


So, rather than have me tell you how today's events have unfolded, allow me to pass on a few diary comments - the perfect activity to end the day - from our year 6 Oakhamites:


"Today was all about magical mountains - you could see for what felt like infinity. Just a beautiful sight." - Ekamjeet


"Breathtaking, picturesque - that's how I'd describe those mountains." - Noah, Isabel, Georgia 


"I couldn't stop laughing even though it was me who fell in the water - face first! We all laughed together, though!" - Ava


"I felt proud of myself today. At the abseiling, at first, it was scary. But watching a team-mate go down first helped me to master my own fears. It felt good." - Darcie


And finally...


"It was all just a big Bob Ross picture." - Joa



I couldn't agree more, Joa. We're over halfway now through our journey here at Plas, with many more memories to make.


Goodnight from us all :)