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1. Plas Gwynant - A Little Update

Evening everyone from sunny Wales,


With a jam-packed two days now coming to a close, the Oakham staff here at Plas Gwynant would like to share a small update on how your children have been getting on.


After a wondrous journey yesterday, weaving in and out of the Snowdonia mountains, we arrived to start our new lives (for a week, anyway) in North Wales. It was then time to devour the rest of our lunches, meet a few instructors and unpack our thermals, essentials and a few snacks... Before we tucked into a delicious tea of pizza/fish fingers, we had ample time to explore the famous Plas Gwynant grounds, roll down a few hills and, as they say here, be at one with nature.


But, the moment of the day was certainly the night walk: 55 children and 5 staff climbing a hill and lying down in complete and utter silence (just watch out for that venomous mountain goat, boys and girls!). Walking back down the hill, it was truly satisfying and a privilege to hear children share comments like: "That was amazing!" and "I can't believe I felt so relaxed in a place like that." It was a special start to our week of memory-making.


Moving onto today, after an early get up and 'carbing up' in true Plas Gwynant style, we took in the once-in-a-lifetime morning views (see the attached image). Oh, and what about lunch prep? Thankfully, no jam and cheese sandwich combinations - phew!


Following this, our morning activities were - with much anticipation - revealed: a combination of abseiling, canoeing, gorge walking, a beach exploration and a mountain adventure. And for these, the weather gods were literally shining down on us. Fingers crossed for more luck on this front!


For this evening's meal, a heart-warming combination of spaghetti bolognese, finished off with a warm chocolate brownie with ice-cream. What a treat!


Any energy that was remaining was put to good use with our evening activity of an A-Z scavenger hunt; this week's targets of collaboration, resilience and teamwork demonstrated aplenty. A special mention to the purple team, with a resounding win, leading to much gloating from Mr Heywood - urgh.


Finally, a special mention from me regarding the feedback from Plas Gwynant staff about the week so far. They have been so impressed with the cohort's manners, engagement and general attitude to life here at Plas. For us, as a staff, it's a pleasure to hear comments such as these; long may it continue.


Let's see what tomorrow brings...