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Methods of notifications for school closures

As there may be a possibility of severe weather alerts for the region during this week, may we remind you of the methods we use at Oakham when notifying parents of school closures, these are:
1. A text message will be sent to the first contact of each child. This will be sent as soon as a decision is made to close the school.
2. The school website will be updated confirming the closure. Please visit
3. The 'App' will also be updated and if your phone is set to receive alerts, this will appear on your phone. If your phone is not set to receive alerts, the message can still be viewed by opening up the 'App' and navigating to 'News'.
4. The Local Authority will be informed of the closure and will update their website in the 'school closures' section.
We will endeavour to inform you as soon as possible once a decision is made to close.
Thank you.