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'conversation starter' poster about online safety.

Parents Advice Sheet for Youtube (13+)

Parental Advice sheet for WhatsApp (16+)

Parental advice sheet for Snapchat (13+)

Safeguarding @ Oakham

Live Streaming - CEOP Parents & Carer guidance.



This page aims to share information about Oakham's approach to safeguarding, along with information on how to promote safety for all of our learners in their activities linked to learning inside and outside of school.


In addition to the electronic copies of policies on display here, signed copies of polciies are kept in school. 



These links contain information for parents on keeping children safe online. They include useful tips and the latest updates for ways to promote safe browsing and use of the internet. 



Social Media 


Information to promote responsible use of soical media can be found in the information sheets attached. Also by clicking on the link below. The infographic shows the ages children must be to join a range of social media platforms, some might surprise you!



NSPCC information for keeping children safe online. Click here.





Click on the links, letter and parent helpsheet to find out more about E-Safety in the curriculum this term.