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Welcome to our Governors section. 

Mr Turner, our Chair of Governors.


It is a great privilege to be  Chair of Governors at Oakham, and to give a brief overview of the work that we do. 


The role of Governors is very important in the life of a school and being a Governor at Oakham is no exception. The Governors work hard to support the school in all aspects of its delivery and have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the school delivers its statutory functions to the very best of its ability. 


However, it is important to note that we are not the school’s managers, and it is not the Governors’ job to be the people who run the day to day organisation of the school’s activities. This is of course the responsibility of the Head Teacher and Staff.


So, what do we do? The Governors could be best described as the 'Critical Friend' to the Head Teacher and all the employees of the school whatever their role. We are also the guardians of the rights and entitlements of all of the pupils on roll at the school and take an active interest in ensuring that those rights and entitlements are at the very heart of the school’s provision.


These are responsibilities that the Governors take very seriously and in order to carry out our duties we have a number of committees that oversee such things as curriculum provision, school resources, the health and well-being of pupils and staff and quality assurance in respect of teaching and learning.


In addition to the committees, the Governors also meet once each term as a full Board to discuss a wide range of reports received from both the school and the Local Authority. Those discussions with the leadership and management team of the school help to create the school’s vision for its future, and help to determine the ways in which the school responds to the wide variety of expectations placed on it by the demands of legislation, Ofsted, the Local Authority and the community that the school serves.


As a Governing Body we are committed to making ourselves known to the school’s wider community. We aim to ensure that we are both accessible to everyone and keep everyone informed in respect of the strategic role that we undertake on behalf of the school.


We look forward to a successful partnership with everyone connected with Oakham.


Best wishes,

Val Turner

Chair of Governors