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We Love Books Everyday!

We love books every day!


Foundation Stage


Children in Reception brought their favourite book from home to share with their class on world book day. Parents were inviting into school for a story telling, word aware session. Thank you to all of the parents who came and hope that you enjoyed the Rumpelstilskin traditional tale (Miss Stretton's personal favourite.) 


Key Stage 1


KS1 celebrated World Book Day with a phase morning. Each teacher chose one of their favourite books and we did activities around that story.


Mrs Galt chose Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The children created their own Whizzpopping Fizz Cracker Cake. They enjoyed being part of the story and working for Willy Wonka to design and make their own chocolate treats.


Miss Grillo chose Roald Dahl’s The Twits. The children spent time looking at decayed food in Mr Twit’s beard and chose really revolting descriptions to describe what was hidden in that hairy jungle. Lara chose to describe some avocados he had left in there as awfully horrid.


Miss Haselock chose the story of The Queen’s Nose. The children went on a treasure hunt to find the magic 50p coin and then wrote about what they would use it to wish for.


Miss Whitehouse chose a book called The Circle. The children made their own shapes and used Mr Prediction to predict their own ending to the story.


Key Stage 2


Children in Key Stage 2 were tasked with hunting down book recommendations in our library. Throughout the week, staff from all classes had been choosing their favourite reads from the library and hiding their recommendation notes inside.


We hope that when children find these they will then hunt down the member of staff who recommended it and have a chat with them about the story. We love talking about books and there were lots of recommendations hidden so we hope to being having chats about our favourite reads for a few weeks to come!