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MOMO - Social Media challenge

We have been made aware of a very worrying new social media trend that has spread very quickly across the UK in the past 72 hours called MOMO.


It is being widely reported that children are seeing a disturbing character called MOMO pop up on YouTube clips, both on normal YouTube and YouTube kids. It is also appearing on all sorts of videos and other internet related content designed for children.


In addition to this, it seems the MOMO has another use. MOMO asks children to add a number to WhatsApp. This then helps the hackers who are behind scam to steal personal information as well as continuing to intimidate the child whose number they have received.


We request that you discuss this with your children in an appropriate manner and encourage them to report any MOMO experiences to you immediately.


A link below will take you to the ‘Safeguarding’ section of the school website where further information is available on a parental information sheet produced by National Online Safety.


Click here for further information