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Farewell, from Mr Jones!

Today brings an end to 18 years of being headteacher at Oakham, a time which I have thoroughly enjoyed. During that time I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing children (some of whom have children of their own at school), staff and parents, ensuring that learning and learners are at the heart of everything that is Oakham.


The original children I encountered here on first arriving are now approaching 30, whilst the children in the first class I ever taught (back in the 80s) are well into their forties – that does make me feel old!


There have been many changes along the way and I am proud of the fact that Oakham is such a wonderful school, where children really enjoy their learning.


I would like to thank everyone connected with the school that has helped make every one of those 18 years so special. Can I also offer an extra thank you for the cards, presents and many kind words over the last few days.


I will leave with many great and happy memories.


Thank you again,


Phil Jones