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Key Information for Parents and Carers

Parents and Carers of children in Reception, Year One & Two,


Thank you for all of your support with accessing the online learning. When we initially set-up this provision at the start of this term, we didn’t know how long this latest period of lockdown was for and planned an overview of subjects including English, Maths and Topic.


There is still uncertainty about when all children will be back in school and whether this will be a phased return or not for certain year groups. With this in mind we feel that it is vitally important to reintroduce ‘phonics’ into the curriculum for the children who are working from home.


Phonics is the key to children being able to confidentially read and write and is a key part of the learning in Early Years. It is divided into different phases starting with Phase 1 in Nursery and Phase 6 in Years 2/3.


As a school we use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as a guide to the order and the method for delivery, this is available at:-


On YouTube, the official ‘Letters and Sounds for Home and School’ channel provides access to videos of teachers delivering phonics lessons for the different phases.


Children should watch one session each day and follow and interact with the lesson as they would in school. The virtual teachers will act as a model and ask children to copy at various stages of each lesson.


For each daily lesson there is a worksheet that goes alongside it to reinforce the phoneme that has been taught that day. These can be downloaded from the Phonics Home Learning Pages or by collecting a pack from the school office.


The Letters & Sounds channel also contains short but informative videos and guides on how you can support your child and what some of the key words mean such as; ‘Graphemes’ and ‘Tricky Words’ (we call them 'Tricky Trucks' at Oakham).


It is divided into different terms and year groups but initially and because children haven’t had any formal phonics teaching since December, we would like children to access the following to revisit and reinforce their phonics knowledge:

(If required, teaching staff will contact families directly regarding accessing different phases to match their child's individual needs).


Please complete ONE daily phonic session each day where possible to support consolidation of each phonic phase.


As a school, we are conscious of the demands being placed on families to support home learning. As a guide, we would ask that the English, Maths and Phonics sessions be completed daily and other subject tasks, where possible. 


For any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via your class email address.


School still has a limited stock of Tablets to access Home Learning available.

If your household does not have appropriate hardware to access the online learning, please contact the school office and staff will discuss this issue with you.