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Home Learning Platform


From Monday 8th June, we will be providing home learning resources for children unable to attend Oakham due to the Covid-19 situation. Two of the teaching staff, Miss Haselock and Mr Kettle will be co-ordinating this provision. 


The aim is to enable key learning activities to take place at home or where appropriate, at school either on full-time or a part-time basis. We appreciate that children are not able to access direct teaching at the moment and the daily activities provided are not able to, or indeed meant to, replicate a full day in school. 


We hope that families will support the learning by accessing the sessions and completing the online activities where possible. Mr Kettle and Miss Haselock have also provided additional activities linked to the BBC Bitesize site and parent/carer marksheets for some of the activities.


We would ask adults to use these to check through the work where appropriate so children can have feedback to some of the learning tasks. For health and safety reasons, we are not able to receive large volumes of material from home and therefore, need families to support us in this aspect of your children's learning. 


In their introduction below, Miss Haselock and Mr Kettle have explained how you can share your children's work with them how it will be regularly showcased and celebrated online. By following the BBC Bitesize overview, children can access some of the interactive e-learning tasks and follow these up with extension activities.


We have also set up a new email address to enable families to contact our Home Learning Co-ordinators with difficulties accessing resources or questions. Please note that due to the potential high numbers of users, this service is not intended to provide one to one teaching or tutoring of individual children. 


In a previous survey, a small number of families indicated that they could not access some resources and would need paper copies of these. We are now able to provide these in limited numbers. Families requiring this service should contact and register with school, HERE


In addition to the daily resources, children will still have access to their regular home learning resources which many of you have continued to use during the lockdown. Mathletics, ActiveLearn/Bug Club and X Table Rockstars will still be in the e-learning portal area of the website too. 


Now it's over to Miss Haselock and Mr Kettle to introduce themselves and give you some more useful information....

A Welcome from our Home Learning Co-ordinators


Hi everyone!


Due to the current situation, we are excited to announce a new way of continuing your child’s education at home - we are looking forward to starting our new roles of Home Learning Co-ordinators. This will mean that we will be responsible for supporting and guiding learning for pupils not in school.


Based on our experience and knowledge of learning in different key stages, Miss Haselock will be looking after Year 1, 2 and 3; with Mr Kettle looking after Year 4, 5 and 6. For those unfortunate Oakham children who haven’t had the pleasure to be taught by us yet, we thought we would quickly introduce ourselves.


Hey, I’m Miss Haselock and I’m currently in Class 6, Year 2. My wonderful class will probably tell you that I’m Harry Potter obsessed (we love a spell or two!) and a little bit bonkers. You would probably find me with a mouth full of cheese-string when on duty at playtime. But I always find some time to skip when I’ve finally finished eating! My favourite subject to teach is English – especially persuasive writing. My class have been known to be quite good at this – just ask Mr Skett… 


Hi, I’m Mr Kettle and my current class – who I am very much missing at the minute – is Class 13, Year 5. If you asked them what I’m like, they would probably say: I talk too much about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, I’m a bit loud and I tell the best jokes in the whole school (they might not agree with this one…). Other than that, my favourite thing to do – other than watch the mighty West Brom win on a weekend – is teaching.


As well as using Mathletics, Bug Club and Times Tables Rockstars, we would like children at home to follow the scheme from BBC Bitesize. This is to maintain consistency with the children who are once again attending school as teachers will be using the lessons provided as a basis for learning.


The website that we will want you to be following for your child’s learning from home is BBC Bitesize ( The basic timetable follows a routine of a daily maths and English lesson, followed by one area of the Wider Curriculum; this includes subjects such as: history, geography, science, French, design & technology, etc. These subjects will be assigned on a rotational basis throughout. Due to the circumstances, some of the lessons from the Wider Curriculum will be worksheet-based, which is something that we try and get away from in the classroom; instead preferring more immersive teaching methods to engage children in a topic. The resources will be for you to use with your children at your discretion. 


In addition, art challenges will also be set based on the amazing work done by Darrel Wakelam. He has worked with Oakham children over the years, and many of the challenges are based on recycling and using junk materials that you can collect at home - again, you can share these with us!


To find the resources available for each subject and day you can go onto Oakham’s website and click onto the heading ‘Learning’ and then 'Home Learning Platform’. You will then find a folder for each year group that will contain various resources – explanations and teachings, worksheets and activities - to support following this scheme at home. We will be updating these resources on a Friday afternoon ready for the next week ahead so please access the current resources before then. 


For where it is applicable, answer sheets will be provided to aid teaching. Please also note that we are following the BBC Bitesize scheme a week behind. For example, on Monday 8th June, you will need to follow the website for Monday 1st June. This will be made clearer on our weekly timetable which you will be able to access on this page prior to the week’s learning.


Children in Reception will be able to use ‘Oak Academy’ ( There are a range of lessons and activities that the children can access including English, Maths, Foundation, PSHE and PE. Nursery and Reception staff have planned activities for the week using the ‘mind maps’ that you will be familiar with and you will still be able to access reading books through ‘Active Learn.’


As it will not be possible for us to physically see your child’s learning, it would be fantastic if you can send in photographs of some examples of home learning that they have completed from the week. We will be searching for our Home Learners of the Week so use the email below to showcase your child’s hard work!


If you have any further questions or trouble accessing the uploaded resources, please feel free to email us on: Please ensure that for Years 1, 2 and 3, it is addressed to Miss Haselock and Years 4, 5 and 6 is addressed to Mr Kettle. Foundation Stage questions or issues should be addressed to Miss Stretton.


Although your child is not in school, we will do everything we can – with your support - to ensure that their Oakham Learning Journey continues!

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