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Welcome to our ‘Get into teaching’ page. 




School Direct 2020-2021


We are currently recruiting for academic year 2020/21 for both the School Direct Salaried and School Direct Tuition routes.  Information about the routes can be found on UCAS.  All applications should be made via UCAS.


Where to find information


Who We Are

Our alliance comprises 6 schools, which are mostly graded ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’.   Whilst the schools are all under the same local authority, they are all very different in their ethos, outlook and intake.  This provides us with a good opportunity to tailor placements to strengths and offer a good variety of school experiences. 


Our Programme

Usually, School Direct tuition students, who train within the Oakham Alliance, will receive some of their lectures at Wolverhampton University and some in the alliance schools, with this way of learning proving very successful for previous cohorts of trainees.  Receiving some of the key lectures in our schools allows students to see theory coming to life in classroom practice, which is the key to our programme’s success.  Our School Direct Tuition students carry out their school based placements within our Alliance or an associated school.   We believe that we can enhance and develop the key principles of our trainees’ approach to teaching through a programme, which has a variety of learning and teaching experiences, with lectures and experiences that are linked directly to classroom practice.


Our Success

We have been a School Direct provider since 2014.  We have an excellent success rate, with a high percentage of our students being employed in our alliance for their NQT year. 



“The training experience I had from being a part of the Oakham Alliance has given me the tools to become an enthusiastic, creative and driven primary school teacher. I found the School Direct Route offered the experience of a school from the start, making the placements a far less daunting prospect. I was able to embed myself into each of the Alliance schools, and therefore build stronger relationships with pupils and teachers that most certainly helped to improve my teaching. From my experience I would highly recommend the Oakham Alliance School Direct Route to any potential applicant.” 


Why choose Oakham Alliance?

  • We have high expectations of all our trainees,
  • We challenge our trainees,
  • We communicate well with our trainees and offer excellent developmental feedback from a range of practitioners from within the alliance,
  • We provide a good support structure to help nurture and guide our trainees,
  • We have an established and very effective working relationship with our partners, Wolverhampton University,
  • We have and encourage an open door policy,
  • We encourage student ownership,
  • We have a consistent approach to our programme,
  • We carry out regular quality assurance procedures to ensure we are delivering the best teacher training we can,
  • We provide outstanding learning experiences,
  • We provide tuition for certain areas, which incorporates learning walks and observations,
  • We develop practitioners, who are reflective and confident in their ability to share professional dialogue with colleagues from their peers, mentors and colleagues within a range of schools and settings.
  • We invite trainees to participate in additional training/CPD opportunities within the alliance, where appropriate.


We are looking for:

  • Trainees who are passionate about teaching and learning,
  • Trainees who are driven, enthusiastic and dedicated,
  • Trainees who have experience of working in schools,
  • Trainees with a great understanding of the teaching profession and the pressures teachers are under, but are still up for the challenge,
  • Trainees who are ambitious and willing to give this profession all they’ve got.
  • Trainees who are  tuition and salaried


We aim to:

  • Facilitate the development of outstanding practitioners,
  • Provide trainees with an understanding of the key principles of “successful learning”,
  • Provide the trainees with the opportunity to observe and learn from outstanding practice, within the Alliance,
  • Provide trained, outstanding mentors, (one of whom leads on induction and mentoring of students on the programme),
  • Provide a rich experience with a wide range of teaching experiences,
  • Focus on key areas of teaching and learning and develop and embed effective practice,
  • Provide personalised attention due to fewer number of students within alliance,



“We think that our trainees deserve high quality professional development and feedback on their practice, to ensure that they can be excellent practitioners at creating the conditions for excellent learning. “


“Working with potential teachers of the future is extremely rewarding. Shaping their first experiences through to successful completion has been great.” Dr Richard Kentish, Abbey Federation.


“I have been well supported. Each one of the schools within the alliance have always been welcoming and supportive.” Lauren Pugh – 2015/2016

Seeing theory come alive in classrooms.